100% cotton Yarn - Charles Exporters

We are the major MANUFACTURER AND EXPORTER of 100% cotton yarn Various types as under

Yarn Type:

A) Open End Yarn Count: Ne 6/1 to Ne 20/1

(B) Ringspun YarnCount: Ne 10/1 to Ne 100/1

Yarn Style:

Carded, Combed, Auto Coned, Siro Cleared, Weaving and Knitting Yarn in single and double ply. Combed Gassed Mercerized (CGM) yarns are available. We offer yarns in raw white, dyed, mélange.

Yarn Usage:

Glove knitting, socks knitting, ,mops knitting,towel weaving, all kinds of fabric weaving.

Polyester Cotton Blended yarn


We offer the count range from Ne10/1 to Ne 80/1 with the blend ratio of 65: 35, 52:48, reverse blend 60:40 in single yarn and multifold yarn. 

Industrial yarns & Carpet yarns

Ring spun and open end Cotton Yarns Ne 6/2, 6/3, 8/2,8/4,10/3,12/3, 12/4

Ring spun Poly / Cotton  non-dyeable  and dyeable Yarns Ne10/3, 12/3, 12/4

Ring spun Polyester  non-dyeable  and  dyeable  Yarns  Ne 10/3, 12/3, 12/4

100% Viscose Yarn


We are engaged in offering Viscose Yarn to our customers, We offer 100% viscose open end yarns as well as 100% viscose ring spun yarns in various counts.These yarns are notable for their high durability, elasticity, and long life.

Count :

Available in Ne 10/1, Ne 12/1, Ne 16/1, Ne 20/1, Ne 24/1, Ne 30/1, Ne 40/1